Cev2018 Just another marvel fanfic
The guy dies and get some cheats while reincarnating into the marvel MCU. I suck at synopsis so please have mercy on me and I’m doing this fanfic because I have spare time between school so don’t expect regular updates. There might be some swearing but I couldn’t give a crap. Anyways please enjoy.
墨香铜臭 The Founder of Diabolism
Short Synopsis:The past Wei Wu Xian was notorious and reviled by millions.His junior brothers brought him to his end in his lair, not leaving his corpse intact.A generation’s founder of evil magic who once started a reign of terror, was reborn as a…Nutcase.What’s more, it’s a gay lunatic who everyone hits and yells at!
blueciat The Ascendants of Rain
I smile and laugh to ease the pain but cries under the Rain. It was my comforter, my savior and my mask to cover up my tears. Out of the nothingness in the midst of the rain, the slow dreams of eternity, there was a thunder on the deep, YOU CAME, Because you hear me calling your name. But then without words you left me. Hanging on the same place where we used...
Lord_of_Hell Lord Of Hell
Lord of hell YAMA has transmigrated to a unknown world.Why has he transmigrated?...What was his purpose?...All these mysteries has to be solved but before that he has to solve an even bigger problem. Which is surviving in this unknown world! where cultivators are around everywhere.


My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
“Zhong Nuannuan, your charges have been withdrawn. The courts have declared you innocent and pronounced you not guilty for murder. You can leave prison now. Your family is waiting for you in the waiting room outside.” Zhong Nuannuan was startled. She pushed the female prison guard to the side and ran toward the waiting room. She did not even bother to put on her shoes. If not for the icy feeling she felt at every step of the way reminding her that this was not a dream, Zhong Nuannuan would not have believed that she had resurrected.As she burst through the doors and saw him again, she knew in her heart, that this time she would get it right. This time she would cherish him properly and hopefully, just hopefully, turn her own fate around.


Pampered By Mr President!
After being set up and killed by her half-sister whom her ex-boyfriend had cheated with, Mu Siyin woke up one day to discover that not only was she alive, but she had traveled back in time to 2 years before her death.As she had been given another opportunity, Mu Siyin decided to change her fate and seek revenge from the people who did her wrong. However, she did not expect to fall in love with Shi Beiyu, the man she had hated with a passion in her previous life. The very same man who doted extensively on her!


Why Fall in Love if You Can Attend Tsinghua University
Once she woke up, Gu Xuejiao became the arrogant and willful stepsister of the book’s male lead. Her specialty resided in breaking the relationship between the male and female lead… she is the nth female character. Gu Xuejiao thought about this character’s ending. A desolate, abhorrent annihilation… and decided it’s better to continue to practice the *Wu San workbooks* she just finished in her last life. The Cheng family listened in alarm:The girl who was rebellious, and only served to let others worry; asked with a simple expression: “Do you think it’s better for me to apply to Tsinghua University or Beijing University?” Cheng family: …. *Note: Wu San workbooks is the Chinese version of Barron’s and Princeton’s for the SAT


The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With The Ending
[You didn’t make it all the way to the ending] Possessing a dating simulation game, Serdel, whose fiancee had an affair, felt the bitter of ending failure. Reset to the original starting point, She swears she’ll never live the way she used to. First of all, let’s start everything with dealing with this man! “Young lady, let’s break up. I will deliver the letter of cancellation of engagement to your family as soon as possible.” “Why do you only say what you want to say and leave out the most important thing? You have to return what you received in advance as compensation.” Don’t be sloppy! Let go of a stock that has gone bankrupt without any regrets At some point in her life, the male lead becomes obsessed with her! “The Lady saved me and my sibling. Please keep me by your side.” In addition, the man who died in the original book, But who was saved by her to live a new life, only look at her. Indeed, Serdel succeeded in completing the ending safely. Can I get out of the game?

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