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Clubhouse Design

Combining the fields of art, engineering and business, SC Design Group creates stunning clubhouses that are custom designed to each of their client’s branded style. With an emphasis on functional design, SC Design Group develops clubhouses that are engineered to meet the community needs based on location, buyer profile and preferred recreational activities.


Model Home Merchandising

With cutting edge design and market-based merchandising, SC Design Group will take your floorplan from a house to a home and create an experience that moves your buyer from looking... to loving... to BUYING.


Residential Design

What would your dream home Oasis feel and like? Paradise Interior Designs, a division of SCDG Inc, creates residential interiors based on each client's vision of their dream home paradise. Click below to discover which interior style is your paradise!

Paradise Interior Designs

Why Choose SC Design Group?


Design Expertise

SC Design Group is proud to have deep roots in the fields of model home merchandising and clubhouse design. President, Suzanne Buczek, was discovered and mentored by the pioneer of model home merchandising, Carole Eichen and designed clubhouses internationally for Troon, the leader in luxury golf. SC Design Group’s expertise is grounded in unsurpassed design excellence and years of model merchandising and clubhouse design.


Market Research

The key to new home sales is a great buyer profile! SC Design Group conducts extensive market analysis on your perspective buyer’s design preferences, the local community and their preferred amenities. Acting as an extension to your sales and marketing team, SC Design Group streamlines their research into a customized life style brand targeted for your buyer.


The Goal: Home Sales Success!

SC Design Group understands that beautiful Model Merchandising and Clubhouse Design is only successful if it exceeds your buyer's expectations and most importantly... SELLS!!!


Years of Experience


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